Verge partnering with Pornhub and Brazzers- time to invest?

Hey there! I haven’t wrote in a while since the cryptocurrency market was dead, and talking over and over again how we should have patience and not panic didn’t make much sense.

And the market came back! Pretty much everything is green for days, and the global market cap has grown to ~400 million again. I’m mining non stop, and the only real difference is that I’m looking at the stats and earnings less often, taking payments around once a month and investing into various coins.

Today, I want to point out to you one big step for the crypto world, which could also be taken as an investment tip:

The Verge coin has partnered with PornHub and Brazzers

If you ever watched porn online, chances are you already know about PornHub and Brazzers. And even though I’m not a fan of either, their position in the online adult entertainment is rock solid. Well, on April 17, 2018, the Verge has partnered with both of them.

I’ve already talked about Verge earlier, so if you missed it back then, you should act now.

Considering the PornHub and Brazzers mainstream involvement, this is a strong indicator that both Verge and CryptoCurrencies are here to stay. And the effect is not really showing yet, at least not for the Verge itself:

The current price is around 0.07$, and it even dropped since the breaking news was announced(on April 17 it was around 0.09$). This itself opens a space for panic and doubt as you can read here:

but what was written above does not make much of a sense. The current Verge market cap is only around 1 billion, meaning a singe rich man can strongly influence it’s price, and all he needs is a billion dollars(or much less).

As always, be smart and do your own research, but acting now on Verge might yield you some serious gains in the not so far future.

Further readings for interested fellas:

The ZClassic Price Drop From $235 to $10 in Two Months – Time To Invest?

I remember back in December when ZClassic came out of nowhere(at least to me), and raised from $9 on December 26 to $235 on January 7. And it felt bad, because I wasn’t among guys that made ~2400% profit over the course of 10 days.

But the cryptocurrency market doesn’t love stable prices, and two months later the ZClassic price is around $10 again.

What is ZClassic?

ZClassic is a fork of ZCash, with some improvements. The only difference is that all mining earnings go to miners(ZCash has a 20% fee for the first 4 years), and there is no slow start as in ZCash. Since everything else is basically the same, the ZClassic falls under great privacy coins that use Zero-knowledge proving scheme, considered to be the most anonymous solution these days.

It first appeared on exchanges on Nov 10, 2016, with a closing price of $5.23. In less than a month it sank to less than a dollar, and it remained navigating from less than a dollar to $7 over the next 13 months. It wasn’t until December 26, 2017 that ZClassic reached momentum and started climbing to great heights(and profits).

After the massive gain with price at $235 on January 7, 2018 it slowly sank until hitting hard on February 6($61), to then raise again and reach ~$160 in mid February. Since then, it’s pretty much falling, most notably motivated by a new fork in Bitcoin and ZClassic- Bitcoin Private(BTCP).

Why Did ZClassic Price Drop So Much?

I did some research, and there are two main theories behind it:

#1- It was a classic pump and dump. Many people believe that ZClassic price was pumped purposefully, getting rich guys richer and poor guys poorer. When a price goes up 2400% in two weeks and then drops back 2400% in two months, it’s hard to blame them for such thinking. After all, they could be right, and the chances aren’t thin at all.

#2- People are selling due to Bitcoin Private(BTCP) fork. I see it as a yes and no. Yes for people selling due to BTCP fork coming out. No for BTCP having a long term effect on ZClassic. And I hope for both of my assumptions to show themselves as true. Some people believe that BTCP is going to kill ZClassic, but I simply don’t see why that would be the case. ZClassic didn’t kill ZCash for sure, same with Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin etc.

If this ZClassic drop happened without BTCP showing up, it would be clearly a pump and dump. But with BTCP coming out and no other “major issues”, there is a fair chance that people are panicking over BTCP, and I think a reasonable bet on this can make us some profit.

Even if I’m wrong and it was a pump and dump, I do expect the ZClassic price to go up to some point again. If not for another reason then for another pump. And buying something that costs $10 and was worth $240 isn’t something I can resist that easy, in reasonable amount of course.

Cryptocurrency Mining Earnings and Cryptocurrency Market Prices

Hey there, Happy New Year! I was waiting for some new hardware before writing an article, but it turns out I’m still waiting on my credit card by Payza, which I plan to use when converting Bitcoin to USD.

While waiting on the card and the hardware to buy with mining earnings, I’m trying to learn at least a bit per day on cryptocurrencies. Right now, I’m reading a kindle version of “Mastering Bitcoin” by Andreas M. Antonopoulos. which still haven’t made me bored, although it is fairly technical.

I also watch lots of interesting videos, both by industry leaders and suspicious speculators, as well read news from few crypto portals that I’m subscribed to.

And over the last few days, I could not fail to notice an increased dose of pessimism floating around the cryptocurrencies space. There’s been news on the Ethereum bug in fees, Microsoft banning the Bitcoin payments, the TRON token accused of speculation, the XRP going mad in few days then falling down twice as fast, the investors losing the money because CoinMarketCap excluded 3 South Korean exchanges without notice …

And that’s just some of the “bad news” I remember from last week and really mostly today news. On top of that, prices are mostly falling for the last 3 days. The shit storm is just about to start- one may think. But wait, is that really the case!?

While there have been some bad news, there have also been quite a few good ones. For example- market cap rising around $100 billions over the last week or so. Yeah yeah yeah, it did drop from $800 billions to $700 billions over the period of 24 hours, but it first climbed $200 billions(from $600 billions)!

And I’m seeing this in reality as well- earlier today, I went to buy tickets for Saturday night, since Oliver Huntemann will be playing in my city and no one sane would miss that. Coincidentally, the shop that sells tickets for the event- WinWin- is probably second largest IT equipment store chain in Serbia, with tens of stores all over the country. I’m waiting on my tickets, two guys come in and the story goes like this:

2 Guys- Hi there, we’re looking for some AMD cards.

Me(to myself)- Haha, I’m wondering if these guys are miners.

WinWin Stuff- Haha. Only Vega cards.

2 Guys- Wtf.

Me(to myself)- Man, the cryptocurrency market and mining earnings are doing really well actually.

WinWin Stuff- Will have them by the end of January.

WinWin Stuff- I mean Vega cards. Don’t expect other AMD cards before March.

2 Guys- :O

Me- 😀 😀 😀

Cryptocurrency news are mostly bullshit, as any other news

Imagine the investing based on the news only. It’s a nice thought, but certainly not a smart one. The news have a simple purpose- to get noticed. The headlines are catchy, the content full of noise. The truth is somewhere in between, but unreliable unless confirmed from other sources.

News From CoinDesk Daily

received at 3:39pm

News From Cointelegraph

received at 4:13pm

And even if the news were reliable, it is true that the cryptocurrency market is very volatile, so the news would have to be volatile as well. It’s a crazy market, but a growing one. And crying for the Bitcoin drop from $20k to $14k won’t change that. At least not after the Bitcoin rise from $1k to $20k over a period of less than a year.

my small crypto investing portfolio(from affiliate earnings, not including mining earnings), old 2-3 weeks top!

Cryptocurrency Mining Earnings- How it’s going?

After two months of learning and preparing, I’ve built my very first rig, planning to get ROI after 5-6 months. Right now, I’m looking at ROI getting close to 4 months. And I’ve had quite a lot of problems with internet connection and Win10 updates fucking up my system, which I hopefully fixed after getting back from NY holidays.

In one of my first writings on the best gpus for cryptomining, written at the end of November and before NiceHash got hacked, AMD RX 470 was making an average of $1.85/day. Right now, it’s making up to $3.78/day! And while the screenshot below shows $8.60/day for my rig, it’s quite normal for me to see more than $10/day(like right now), and I don’t remember when I last saw less than $8/day.

And when you compare the NiceHash earnings over the last 4 months, it’s not hard to understand why there are less and less graphic cards in the stores:

As you can see in the four pictures above, the mining earnings have quadrupled over the past four months!

Never invest money you can’t afford to lose!

The blockchain technology is amazing. The cryptocurrency market is existing and has grown 4000% over the last year. You can hear miners complaining, yet making amazing profits and doing better and better. Cryptocurrency market predictions for 2018 are mostly positive and even bullish. No wonder you can read in news about people investing borrowed money in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. And that’s a risky business.

The cryptomarket has grown extremely over the last year. And there’s been a pretty much constant growth since the invention of Bitcoin about 10 years ago. However, it’s extremely volatile, and unlike anything we had before- both technology and prices speaking. And importantly enough- it’s mostly unregulated at the moment. This is why it’s extremely important not to take risks you can’t handle, and never invest money you can’t afford to lose.

The cryptocurrency market is definitely hottest market right now, and avoiding it means you’re missing out the best opportunity to earn serious money “over night”. However, the market has shown us how investing with reasonable risk(let’s say 10-20% of your total capital) is more than enough to make you rich if you’re patient and play smart.

So do it, play smart and get rich! Quickly, but without losing a fortune if things go downwards.

Why Did I Just Invest In The STORM Token?

If you had the opportunity to read my articles on the top cryptocurrency to invest for 2018 and mining/investing cryptocurrencies with potential, you should understand that I’m a believer in value investing and, I am actively looking for cheap opportunities to make some nice profit.

What is the STORM Token?

The STORM Token is a token for the STORM Market- market which aims to create more earning opportunities for people around the world. Their moto is simple yet bullish- earn from anywhere, at any time, from any device.

However, they are not kids- they raised ~$33 million during ICO, and they already have a Google Play app with more than 1 million users! The app can be used by users to earn by playing games, watching videos and solving puzzles(machine learning, QA testing…).

Why did I invest into the STORM Token?

  • I’m not late

    Well, not exactly- I’ve missed the ICO. Still, the STORM token showed up on the markets just 6 days ago, and is currently available on HitBTC and Bancor Network exchanges only, with a current price of $0.029. Since the price is still under 3 cents, I can buy a decent amount of tokens and hopefully make some money in the long term.

  • Good idea

    Except Steem and Electroneum which both pay their users for certain work, there hasn’t been much projects like STORM Market. No wonder that many companies are using it for simpler tasks, cutting their expenses and speeding up their development.

  • Great team and even greater advisors

    Led by “The Business Prodigy” Simon Yu, their team is full of excellent people- blockchain and security specialists, people with wast experience as former Microsoft and Google employees and guys who had some great time at Silicon Valley.

    Should I mention some of their advisors?

    Bill Shihara
    CEO & Founder, Bittrex

    Anthony Di Iorio
    CEO & Founder at Jaxx & Decentral
    Founder at Ethereum

    Jeff Pulver
    Father of VOIP
    Vonage Founder & CEO

  • Technology

    The STORM Market is based on Ethereum technology, utilizing smart contracts to validate work and time committed, meaning payments are almost instant, with low fees and decentralized arbitrage of work completed and earnings made.

The Top CryptoCurrencies To Invest For 2018

Although we’ve seen some big drops in the cryptocurrency market(with total cap getting shorted by almost 200 billion over 24 hours period), mining is still very profitable and doing even better than when I started. Nicehash also came back, which I personally find as one of the best Christmas gifts.

But as I’m reading and watching more and more texts and videos on the cryptocurrency topics, it’s hard not to notice how fast the market is growing, and how many opportunities there are. It kind of reminds me of WordPress from 6-7 years ago, when I first discovered it. I would go to UpWork(called “oDesk” back then), and see ~100 new WordPress jobs coming out every hour. If you knew how to install a plugin, you could earn some bucks. And the more I was learning, the more I was making.

I’m feeling kind of the same with cryptos. Mining is going really good, I’ve made a decent profit which I will soon reinvest in additional GPU. I’ve started this blog, and made ~$200 from the Kryptex affiliate system(which I didn’t even recommend, since it didn’t work well for my equipment!).

Now, one thing that makes sense when market is growing exponentially is investing in it. If I invested in the every WordPress startup back when I discovered it, I would probably be rich by now. The analogy is not quite right, as WordPress was one direction in Web Development, but we can use Ethereum for a better comparison. If you invest in every company that was built on Ethereum, you will probably be rich in few years.

Investing always comes with a risk, and no one should ever put all of his money in a single asset. Plus, cryptocurrency markets are extremely volatile. Yet, they proved extremely profitable for so many people over the last several years. And I’m not talking about daily trading. While people are certainly making money with it, I’m not for it. Tried last year with FOREX, and it’s a pretty boring, starring at the screen type stuff.

So there comes the value investing. Over the past few weeks I’ve been totally immersed into all those live conferences, podcasts and tutorials on crypto trading and investing. And while listening to all those guys, from Warren Buffet to Chris Dunn, Tai Lopez, BTCKyle and all their guests, there’s one thing that gets repeated over and over and over again- invest in value!

And value investing is one thing that apparently works really good and is fairly easy to implement- don’t invest in anything you’re not well informed about, and passionate about. Take your time learning about company team, goals, current progress and future plans. Think outside the box and pick ones that really are going to make a difference. And then wait for them to strive, instead of sitting whole day at the screen, being afraid of losing your money. And of course, you can’t always win. But if you invest in projects that really matter, chances are that you will grow substantially.

As money from mining is going to bring the new equipment and slowly grow itself, I’ve decided to take my affiliate earnings and invest them in some of the projects I really like and foresee a bright future for them. Below are my top projects to invest in:


The big father of all cryptocurrencies, created by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto(which could be anything from smart man to certain government agency). Once mined in seconds, it became a serious project eventually growing to current price of $13,610 per coin.

Pros: With this year growth of 13000%, it is certainly a coin to watch for in 2018. Just a few days ago Bitcoin value went to as much as $20,000! It is the first ever cryptocurrency, and most widely spread through the mainstream. Bitcoin is also implemented in most places, and we can use it to buy almost anything- from food, fiat money, cryptocurrencies, web services, even cars. And lets face it, there is a trend hard not to notice- when Bitcoin goes down, 95% of cryptocurrencies go down and vice versa. That’s why many people call it a digital gold or gold 2.0.

Cons: Right now, Bitcoin is fairly slow and transactions are fairly expensive. Besides that, it is operated by consensus, which proved insufficient when dealing with those issues. Also, it is very expensive, meaning you probably won’t earn much unless you invest much.


Second largest cap of all cryptocurrencies in a total of $71 billion, and a current price of $731 per ETH.

Pros: Technology for sure. It is based on Blockchain as Bitcoin, but it invented smart contracts- “applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference”. Since 2014, many companies recognized the potential and started investing in the project, many of them also building their businesses based on the Ethereum technology.

They have a strong team of developers, and one of the co-founders- Vitalik Buterin- was enlisted in Bloomberg’s list of top 50 most influential people.

Cons: With current price of $731 it might be “late” to invest if you have small capital. Still, it certainly is one of the best investments and should bring good gains in long term.


Another very interesting projects, mostly focused on banks and their needs.

Pros: Built for large projects, mostly suiting banks and financial institutions, Ripple(XRP) is a well thought large scale project built to meet the needs of the biggest markets. It is extremely fast and functioning properly since it’s release in 2012. With it’s current price at ~$1 per XRP, Ripple is a good shot for investors with small capital. Unfortunately we missed the train from few days ago, where XRP increased around 500% in value in less than 24 hours.

Cons: With ~40 billions XRPs already in play and ~60 billions more to be released  gradually, it’s hard to expect great gains in short term. Jed McCaleb, co-founder of Ripple, don’t like where Ripple is heading, thus he moved to Stellar team, which is my next favorite cryptocurrency.

Stellar Lumens

An open, global financial network where all actors – be they people, payment networks, or banks – have equal access & economic participation.

Pros: With transactions averaging from 2-5 seconds and international payments for a fraction of a cent, Stellar Lumens seems to have a bright future. With people like Jed McCaleb(lead developer and co-founder, previously founded eDonkey, Mt. Gox and Ripple), Matt Mullenweg(founder of, Greg Stein(director at Apache), Patrick Collison(co-founder and CEO of Stripe) and many other great heads- I’m very excited about the opportunity to invest in Stellar. Especially at the current price which currently stands around $0.2.

Cons: Similar to Ripple, it does have a lot of coins(released ~17 billion and a total of ~100 billion), so growth will take some time.


One thing I instantly loved about cryptocurrencies is their anonymity. Of course, I’ve fallen under the mainstream influence, and it took a while to learn that most of them are actually pseudo-anonymous, meaning you do have a random generated wallet which you don’t have to tie to your real name, but all transactions between wallets are fully transparent on the blockchain.

Pros: Luckily for us who love this idea of anonymity and for those who love black markets- Monero and ZCash are the two currencies fixing this problem. Monero came with a ring-signature feature, which utilize user keys in order to validate transactions(thus making them anonymous). ZCash on other hand uses “snarks” or zero-knowledge cryptography, which makes all transactions and their meta data encrypted! They both have grown greatly over the last two years- more than x100. They are being used for quite some time, and their anonymity functions does seem to function- which made them a preferred method on black markets.

Cons: The governments love their money and control. While there is an argument that Blockchain is transparent, there is no such argument for Monero and Zcash. It will be interesting to see how the governments will proceed and will they allow the anonymous currencies to grow substantially.


Cardano(ADA) went onto the market on October 1 with a value of $0 and, 3 months later it is already worth $0.42 per coin. With current coins number placed as high as 31 billion, and a market cap of $11 billion, this cryptocurrency is certainly worth taking a look at!

Pros: It has it’s own Daedalus wallet. Right now it supports only ADA, but it will soon start supporting Bitcoin and Ethereum storing. The Cardano development is being conducted by the 3 amazing cryptocurrency companies- Cardano Foundation, Input | Output and EMURGO. When you take into account that Charles Hoskinson, a former CEO and co-founder of Ethereum is working for Input | Output, you start getting a better picture about the credibility of this project. They also have plans to implement staking concept in 2018. All in all, they did a whole lot during the last 3 months, and so did their price!

Cons: Same as with Ripple and Stellar Lumens, Cardano comes with a lot of coins, thus it’s growth will certainly take some time.


Verge uses multiple anonymity-centric networks such as Tor and I2P. The IP addresses of the users are obfuscated and the transactions are completely untraceable. It also comes with the “SPV” technology, which makes the lighting fast transactions possible- around 5 seconds. The Verge price per coin has grown significantly- right now it’s being traded for $0.2 and having a total market cap of almost $3 billion!

Pros: The development team doesn’t seem lazy at all- they already have as much as 12 desktop wallets for various platforms, 2 mobile wallets and 5 “other” wallets(like paper wallet, web wallet etc). Besides, it is a completely decentralized and open sourced cryptocurrency.

There is currently a supply of around 14 billion Verge coins, and with a maximum supply of ~16 billion coins, we should expect low inflation and price growth over time.

Cons: There’s not been much info on the the lead developer, and since the Verge recently got a lot of social media coverage it could be in a sort of a bubble.

Bitcoin Video Lectures

The internet is flooded with texts and tutorials about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and mining. And as time goes by, there’s more and more content on these topics. Unfortunately, most of this material is junk, and when it’s not, it’s usually not well structured.

I’m very happy that I found these lectures from Princeton University, and I’m sharing them here today in case you didn’t already find this great material.

The lectures approach is theoretic, however I found them pretty interesting and certainly not boring(as you can expect from many university classes). For example, Lecture 5 is called “Bitcoin Mining”, but you won’t find anything practical, like which mining application to use, what pools are the best nor what’s the most profitable coin(lectures are dating back to 2014 anyway). Still, the lecture explains what exactly the miners are doing, how the equipment evolved with difficulty, what are it’s environment effects etc.

If you’re interested in cryptocurrencies, I encourage you to take a look, you’ll certainly learn something valuable. If your equipment is good for CryptoNote mining, I encourage you to take a look at Electroneum mining as well, since it’s certainly the most profitable coin at the moment.

Lecture 1 — Intro to Crypto and Cryptocurrencies

Lecture 2 — How Bitcoin Achieves Decentralization

Lecture 3 — Mechanics of Bitcoin

Lecture 4 — How to Store and Use Bitcoins

Lecture 5 — Bitcoin Mining

Lecture 6 — Bitcoin and Anonymity

Lecture 7 — Community, Politics, and Regulation

Lecture 8 — Alternative Mining Puzzles

Lecture 9 — Bitcoin as a Platform

Lecture 10 — Altcoins and the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Lecture 11 — The future of Bitcoin?

Lecture 12 — History of Cryptocurrencies – Bonus Lecture

Investing/Mining Crypto Currencies with Potential

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are probably going to change the world a bit. More precisely, they’re already doing it. And even though the previous is correct, most people just see an opportunity to get rich quickly, which is perfectly fine. It’s also doable, considering the market cap growth and the opportunities popping out at every corner.

This article tries to point out an interesting(yet simple) strategy, a strategy I’m so bullish about right now. And while I’m going to continue in a miner manner, it is perfectly applicable for investors in crypto currencies as well(I’m actually stealing this strategy from investors space).

Ladies and gentlemen, one of the oldest tricks in the book:

Buy when it ain’t worth shit, sell when it’s worth a fortune(or a dollar). If you’re a miner like myself, this might suit you better:

Mine when it ain’t worth shit and difficulty is funny, sell when it’s worth a fortune(or a dollar).

The idea is fairly simple and easily applicable, yet many people ignore it, thus cutting their income potential. If you know anything about Bitcoin, you probably know how it wasn’t worth shit some years ago, yet one bitcoin worth is around $16k at the moment, and recent high went as up as $18k.

Now imagine you mined Bitcoin back in 2009 or so. And mined let’s say 1000 of them(which was fairly quick and easy back then). If you sold those Bitcoins today, you would make $16 million dollars!

Luckily for all of us, there will be(and have been) quite a few opportunities like this.

You see, since the birth of Bitcoin, it started becoming obvious how great and applicable technology it has brought. And soon after that realization came another one- it’s not perfect. It’s great, but can be improved and made so much faster, more secure and practical.

And smart people took the opportunity. Some invested in Bitcoin mining and buying, others started implementing blockchain to the real world problems. 9 years later we have 1000+ cryptocurrencies and a market cap of $426 billion(with constant growth).

While Bitcoin may die(due to its slowness, high fees and small blocks), or stay(as a crypto equivalent of gold and the father of all cryptocurrencies), it is most likely that Bitcoin itself won’t become the main payment network.

The question is- which cryptocurrency will? And the most likely answer is- many of them, or at least some of them!

The point is, you can use NiceHash(if it gets back online after a disaster), or NiceHash alternatives for immediate money making. But you should play smart and mine at least a bit of currently less profitable(or even unprofitable) coins as an investment that can explode at any moment.

5 Crypto Currencies that you could mine and make a fortune with:

CryptocurrencyWasn’t worth “shit” onCould have made you a large profit on
EthereumDecember 2016($8)08. December 2017($454)
LitecoinMarch 2016($3-4)08. December 2017($130)
MoneroAugust 2016($2)08. December 2017($275)
DashDecember 2016($10)08. December 2017($734)
BitConnectMart 2016($2)08. December 2017($386)

Imagine that you have mined 1000 coins of each a year ago or so. With a growth of 3000% to 20000%(x30 to x200), it’s clear that you would be a millionaire already!

And the same applies to the investors who don’t mine- if you bought 1000 of each coin and invested $26.000 in total, you would have around $2 million dollars now!

5 not-mineable currencies that you could invest in and make a large profit

CryptocurrencyWasn’t worth “shit” onCould have made you a large profit on
IOTA(MIOTA)July 2017($0.16)08. December 2017($4.5)
Ripple(XRP)March 2017($0.006)08. December 2017($0.25)
NEM(XEM)February 2017($0.006)08. December 2017($0.49)
Stellar Lumens(XLM)April 2017($0.003)08. December 2017($0.13)
NEOMart 2017($0.12)08. December 2017($37)

Do you find the tables convincing?

I do.

Long term mining and investing in cryptocurrencies is not easy nor is it a game. And you should never invest all of your capital nor earnings in them. Still, you shouldn’t ignore the opportunity either.

When you look at the tables above, they look like a fairy tale. Yet, the tables are showing the accurate data. But, as technology and crypto markets advance, some will stay where they are, some will go to the the top and some will crash in their own misery.

Smart crypto mining/investing

When you mine or invest- try doing it the smart way.

If you mine the most profitable coin ATM and exchange it for BTC or USD often, you’re mining tactic is profitable but won’t earn you a fortune unless you invest a fortune(it proved itself as a great and profitable business though).

When you spend some time reading white papers, checking trends and learning more about a specific cryptocurrency, and decide to mine it for long-term- you’re on the way of making some real bucks.

One of the best things about smart mining/investing is that you can start with very little capital and still hope for large gains(as low as $100 can make you $10k in few months to one year).

And even if you’re a big miner and can’t risk a lot due to the high equipment and electricity costs- try dedicating some of your resources to mine coins with low profitability and big potential.

Obvious mining/investing

Certainly the best and the least risky way to make big money while investing almost nothing is to be there from the very beginning.

And the above also applies to both miners and investors. When a new coin sees the light of the day for the first time, it’s network difficulty is usually funny and rewards are big(in terms of coins). Same goes for their price, and similar price can be found with ICOs(initial coin offering), where you can buy lots of coins before the coin is even working.

As NiceHash is down, and WinMiner is having scaling issues at the moment, I’ve decided to give Bytecoin a go. In March 2017, a single Bytecoin worth was around $0.00005. Right now a single Bytecoin worth is $0.002. If I started mining it in March, I would already be rich.

But it’s not late, since the emission and the total amount of coins is big, and with just 3 GPUs I can mine around 1000 Bytecoins per day. So what I’m going to do is mine 10.000 of them over the next 10 days. If they ever become worth a dollar, I’m going to make some really nice profit. If not, who cares because my investment in this coin is very small. And then I’m going to do the same with another coin I like, and another coin… And one day I may become rich.

Hello World! aka Why Crypto Mining

Hello and thanks for visiting! In this very first post I’m going to explain why I think crypto mining is a great money making opportunity, what my plans are with it and what this website is all about.

Why Crypto Mining?

Although I like cryptocurrencies and do think they have a bright future, I’ve been mining them for the simplest reason- the quick ROI(return on investment).

There are many ways you can invest your money, but up to this date I didn’t find anything that is as:

  • Simple

    Once you set up your mining rig(or buy one if you don’t have the knowledge to build one), all you need to do is connect it to a mining pool, and wait for the money to come in(seriously).

  • Have a great ROI

    The current ROI in cryptocurrency mining is 3 to 12 months, depending on your hardware and preference on what to mine.

  • Have a great fallback

    As you will see in my writings to come, I’m opposed to ASICs and mining editions of GPUs. The reason for this is simple- if anything really bad happens(like crypto currencies price gets unprofitable or governments decide to ban them completely), we’re going to get stuck with a bunch of hardware we can’t do anything with.

    What I’m going to use instead are “normal” GPUs with valid warranties. It’s going to be slightly pricier, but the reason for this is even simpler- if anything bad happens, I’ll be able to sell all or most of my equipment and minimize my losses.

What are my plans with Crypto Mining?

I’ve always dreamed of a job that doesn’t tie you to a certain place, and gives you pretty much unlimited freedom in how/when/where you want to work. It took some time to achieve it, but I’m happy to say that I made it- I’ve been working as a freelance web developer for 6 years already and, when I sum it all up, I can only conclude that I’m very happy with my job. The pay is good, I’m making my own plans and can travel whenever and wherever I want(all I need is an internet connection).

The above is amazing, but it’s an active income. An active income means this- when you’re active(working), you get paid. When you’re not active, you don’t get paid.

But what if you could make money without working regularly? You actually can(kind of), and it’s called a passive income. For example, a good blogger can write once a week, yet earn from the ads on his blog every day. Another example would be a developer, who can make a product and then watch people buying it. Of course, none of this means no work at all, but you still can work much less(you can outsource the support and roll out updates fairly infrequently etc).

Well, guess what! Crypto currency mining is a great example of passive income! You set up your equipment, press the “on” button, and then watch the money coming in every day.

The only investment that comes close with its simplicity would be a financial investment(in stocks, insurance plans etc), but you need much more capital and you get much lower ROI.

My plan and goal is as follows:

  • Invest $500 - $1000 per month from my existing job into my crypto mining operation.

  • Continue investing from my current job, while adding the profit from crypto mining into my investment.

  • Repeat the steps from above until I can live comfortably from crypto mining only.

  • Travel the world and have fun while doing almost nothing.

What is this website all about?

A quick answer would be- it’s about crypto mining.

An accurate answer would be- I have no idea in which way it will go. What it will certainly do is reflect my ideas and actions related to crypto mining. What it may or may not do is get technical so everyone with zero knowledge can enter into this arena. I think miners with some basic understanding will get the most out of it, like what equipment and pools are the best in the business, while visitors with no experience at all may have to learn a bit about hardware on their own.