Hello World! aka Why Crypto Mining

Hello and thanks for visiting! In this very first post I’m going to explain why I think crypto mining is a great money making opportunity, what my plans are with it and what this website is all about.

Why Crypto Mining?

Although I like cryptocurrencies and do think they have a bright future, I’ve been mining them for the simplest reason- the quick ROI(return on investment).

There are many ways you can invest your money, but up to this date I didn’t find anything that is as:

  • Simple

    Once you set up your mining rig(or buy one if you don’t have the knowledge to build one), all you need to do is connect it to a mining pool, and wait for the money to come in(seriously).

  • Have a great ROI

    The current ROI in cryptocurrency mining is 3 to 12 months, depending on your hardware and preference on what to mine.

  • Have a great fallback

    As you will see in my writings to come, I’m opposed to ASICs and mining editions of GPUs. The reason for this is simple- if anything really bad happens(like crypto currencies price gets unprofitable or governments decide to ban them completely), we’re going to get stuck with a bunch of hardware we can’t do anything with.

    What I’m going to use instead are “normal” GPUs with valid warranties. It’s going to be slightly pricier, but the reason for this is even simpler- if anything bad happens, I’ll be able to sell all or most of my equipment and minimize my losses.

What are my plans with Crypto Mining?

I’ve always dreamed of a job that doesn’t tie you to a certain place, and gives you pretty much unlimited freedom in how/when/where you want to work. It took some time to achieve it, but I’m happy to say that I made it- I’ve been working as a freelance web developer for 6 years already and, when I sum it all up, I can only conclude that I’m very happy with my job. The pay is good, I’m making my own plans and can travel whenever and wherever I want(all I need is an internet connection).

The above is amazing, but it’s an active income. An active income means this- when you’re active(working), you get paid. When you’re not active, you don’t get paid.

But what if you could make money without working regularly? You actually can(kind of), and it’s called a passive income. For example, a good blogger can write once a week, yet earn from the ads on his blog every day. Another example would be a developer, who can make a product and then watch people buying it. Of course, none of this means no work at all, but you still can work much less(you can outsource the support and roll out updates fairly infrequently etc).

Well, guess what! Crypto currency mining is a great example of passive income! You set up your equipment, press the “on” button, and then watch the money coming in every day.

The only investment that comes close with its simplicity would be a financial investment(in stocks, insurance plans etc), but you need much more capital and you get much lower ROI.

My plan and goal is as follows:

  • Invest $500 - $1000 per month from my existing job into my crypto mining operation.

  • Continue investing from my current job, while adding the profit from crypto mining into my investment.

  • Repeat the steps from above until I can live comfortably from crypto mining only.

  • Travel the world and have fun while doing almost nothing.

What is this website all about?

A quick answer would be- it’s about crypto mining.

An accurate answer would be- I have no idea in which way it will go. What it will certainly do is reflect my ideas and actions related to crypto mining. What it may or may not do is get technical so everyone with zero knowledge can enter into this arena. I think miners with some basic understanding will get the most out of it, like what equipment and pools are the best in the business, while visitors with no experience at all may have to learn a bit about hardware on their own.

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