Investing/Mining Crypto Currencies with Potential

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are probably going to change the world a bit. More precisely, they’re already doing it. And even though the previous is correct, most people just see an opportunity to get rich quickly, which is perfectly fine. It’s also doable, considering the market cap growth and the opportunities popping out at every corner.

This article tries to point out an interesting(yet simple) strategy, a strategy I’m so bullish about right now. And while I’m going to continue in a miner manner, it is perfectly applicable for investors in crypto currencies as well(I’m actually stealing this strategy from investors space).

Ladies and gentlemen, one of the oldest tricks in the book:

Buy when it ain’t worth shit, sell when it’s worth a fortune(or a dollar). If you’re a miner like myself, this might suit you better:

Mine when it ain’t worth shit and difficulty is funny, sell when it’s worth a fortune(or a dollar).

The idea is fairly simple and easily applicable, yet many people ignore it, thus cutting their income potential. If you know anything about Bitcoin, you probably know how it wasn’t worth shit some years ago, yet one bitcoin worth is around $16k at the moment, and recent high went as up as $18k.

Now imagine you mined Bitcoin back in 2009 or so. And mined let’s say 1000 of them(which was fairly quick and easy back then). If you sold those Bitcoins today, you would make $16 million dollars!

Luckily for all of us, there will be(and have been) quite a few opportunities like this.

You see, since the birth of Bitcoin, it started becoming obvious how great and applicable technology it has brought. And soon after that realization came another one- it’s not perfect. It’s great, but can be improved and made so much faster, more secure and practical.

And smart people took the opportunity. Some invested in Bitcoin mining and buying, others started implementing blockchain to the real world problems. 9 years later we have 1000+ cryptocurrencies and a market cap of $426 billion(with constant growth).

While Bitcoin may die(due to its slowness, high fees and small blocks), or stay(as a crypto equivalent of gold and the father of all cryptocurrencies), it is most likely that Bitcoin itself won’t become the main payment network.

The question is- which cryptocurrency will? And the most likely answer is- many of them, or at least some of them!

The point is, you can use NiceHash(if it gets back online after a disaster), or NiceHash alternatives for immediate money making. But you should play smart and mine at least a bit of currently less profitable(or even unprofitable) coins as an investment that can explode at any moment.

5 Crypto Currencies that you could mine and make a fortune with:

CryptocurrencyWasn’t worth “shit” onCould have made you a large profit on
EthereumDecember 2016($8)08. December 2017($454)
LitecoinMarch 2016($3-4)08. December 2017($130)
MoneroAugust 2016($2)08. December 2017($275)
DashDecember 2016($10)08. December 2017($734)
BitConnectMart 2016($2)08. December 2017($386)

Imagine that you have mined 1000 coins of each a year ago or so. With a growth of 3000% to 20000%(x30 to x200), it’s clear that you would be a millionaire already!

And the same applies to the investors who don’t mine- if you bought 1000 of each coin and invested $26.000 in total, you would have around $2 million dollars now!

5 not-mineable currencies that you could invest in and make a large profit

CryptocurrencyWasn’t worth “shit” onCould have made you a large profit on
IOTA(MIOTA)July 2017($0.16)08. December 2017($4.5)
Ripple(XRP)March 2017($0.006)08. December 2017($0.25)
NEM(XEM)February 2017($0.006)08. December 2017($0.49)
Stellar Lumens(XLM)April 2017($0.003)08. December 2017($0.13)
NEOMart 2017($0.12)08. December 2017($37)

Do you find the tables convincing?

I do.

Long term mining and investing in cryptocurrencies is not easy nor is it a game. And you should never invest all of your capital nor earnings in them. Still, you shouldn’t ignore the opportunity either.

When you look at the tables above, they look like a fairy tale. Yet, the tables are showing the accurate data. But, as technology and crypto markets advance, some will stay where they are, some will go to the the top and some will crash in their own misery.

Smart crypto mining/investing

When you mine or invest- try doing it the smart way.

If you mine the most profitable coin ATM and exchange it for BTC or USD often, you’re mining tactic is profitable but won’t earn you a fortune unless you invest a fortune(it proved itself as a great and profitable business though).

When you spend some time reading white papers, checking trends and learning more about a specific cryptocurrency, and decide to mine it for long-term- you’re on the way of making some real bucks.

One of the best things about smart mining/investing is that you can start with very little capital and still hope for large gains(as low as $100 can make you $10k in few months to one year).

And even if you’re a big miner and can’t risk a lot due to the high equipment and electricity costs- try dedicating some of your resources to mine coins with low profitability and big potential.

Obvious mining/investing

Certainly the best and the least risky way to make big money while investing almost nothing is to be there from the very beginning.

And the above also applies to both miners and investors. When a new coin sees the light of the day for the first time, it’s network difficulty is usually funny and rewards are big(in terms of coins). Same goes for their price, and similar price can be found with ICOs(initial coin offering), where you can buy lots of coins before the coin is even working.

As NiceHash is down, and WinMiner is having scaling issues at the moment, I’ve decided to give Bytecoin a go. In March 2017, a single Bytecoin worth was around $0.00005. Right now a single Bytecoin worth is $0.002. If I started mining it in March, I would already be rich.

But it’s not late, since the emission and the total amount of coins is big, and with just 3 GPUs I can mine around 1000 Bytecoins per day. So what I’m going to do is mine 10.000 of them over the next 10 days. If they ever become worth a dollar, I’m going to make some really nice profit. If not, who cares because my investment in this coin is very small. And then I’m going to do the same with another coin I like, and another coin… And one day I may become rich.

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