Here’s some mining hardware advice:

  • Peripherals are there just because we can’t do without them. This means that you should try buying as cheap as possible, which usually means used. I’ve bought both monitor and keyboard for less than $20 in total, and I’m using the same mouse I’m using on my laptop. Don’t spend much on a hard disk, 32GB SSD will do the job perfectly, although some used older hard disk should do the job just fine.
  • Find the best websites selling used hardware in your country, and check them often.
  • Don’t even think about buying motherboard with less than 6 PCI slots.
  • Try buying a modular power supply, and be sure it will be able to power all your equipment(also, try buying one that’s “Gold rated”).
  • “1 year warranty” rule- What we care about the most are motherboards, GPUs and power supplies. But we also want to get them as cheap as possible to maximize our ROI and get into the market sooner. It’s not always easy, but try aiming for a hardware that’s used and have at least one more year of valid warranty. Regularly checking local websites, as I mentioned earlier, usually helps a great deal. Of course, if you have a lot of money and are looking for the best way to invest it- buying new equipment is more than fine.