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As you could read in my recent update, NiceHash announced they got hacked less than 24 hours ago. Since it’s unclear at the moment if and when we will be able to mine on NiceHash again, I’ve spent most of my afternoon researching and trying out the best NiceHash alternatives.

The criteria I used was as follows:

  • Profitability

    Should be the obvious one, at least for us who mine to make a profit.

  • Payment methods and minimums

    I really like my mining power calculated and paid in a single currency, even if the pool uses it for mining multiple cryptocurrencies. Low payouts are nice and practical feature as well.

  • Ease of use

    I’m in IT for 16 years already, but many people are not. And even I don’t like playing with consoles and config files if there’s a GUI that can get me the same or better results.

The best NiceHash alternatives at the moment

The first one I tried out was the only one I knew about- MinerGate. It’s the first mining pool I met back in August, when I started learning about the mining and cryptocurrencies world. I think it’s not bad. The main disadvantage for me is that there is a separate balance for each cryptocurrency you mine, and there has been a lot of reports of people getting less hash power than on other pools.

On top of that, it crashed my rig several times in several hours, and GUI miner reported only 1KH/s, while I was easily getting 1.5KH/s with NiceHash, and I’m getting 1.5KH/s even with Claymore GPU Miner connected to MinerGate XMR/XDN pool. I thought it’s not bad to use it until NiceHash get back, but at that point but at that point NiceHash was only temporarily down as far as we knew. Then the official press release went out, and it started getting clear that maybe I am looking for a more permanent solution.

So I did some digging and decided to try out KryptexThe website looked promising, so I gave the app a go on my laptop and it surprised me even more. Quick install, clean interface, quick benchmark… Unfortunately, after installing it on a rig, it started to disappoint. Once again, the installation, setup and benchmarks were quick and easy, but it failed on the most important criteria of all- profitability.

My small combo of one AMD 270x and two AMD 470x GPUs just couldn’t pass the $80/month mark. Since I have been recently making around $180/month with NiceHash, and even just mining Monero or Ethereum without profitability switch is more profitable- it was clear this is not a satisfying solution.

On top of that, once logged in to the web dashboard, I noticed that, although the website does look good and functional, it is in mixed
Russian and English, which does look a bit unserious and undeveloped. Still, I would encourage you to try it out for yourself as it does look promising, and you might get better results since there could be an incompatibility with my specific setup, or it may work better with NVIDIA rigs.

Third time lucky

I actually found WinMiner before Kryptex, but Kryptex looked more modern and promising(based on the look only). Turns out I was wrong.

WinMiner is officially my NiceHash replacement at the moment. Installation and setup is very easy, and it makes around $180/month for my rig, which is satisfying considering my mining power. Same as the previous two, it’s easy to set up and works for all AMD/NVIDIA/CPU, and it doesn’t act buggy as MinerGate does.

The only disadvantage I thought I was going to write about WinMiner was payment methods, as I read on bitcoin talk how they pay in US dollars only. But once I got into the web dashboard, I figured WinMiner actually has by far most payment methods available!

With nice profitability, ease of use and various payment methods, I cannot do anything else except encourage you to try it out yourself. It’s not in the business as long as NiceHash, but with only $10-$20 minimum payment limit(depending on the payment method), it does seem worth trying.

NiceHash alternatives breakdown

Profitability(1x270x + 2xRX470, no OC)~180$/month – looks similar to NiceHash~150$/month mining XMR/XDN combo, if you can run it stable on your rig(s).~80$/month
Ease of useEasy for non-tech people.Easy for non-tech people.Easy for non-tech people.
Payment minimum and methods$10-$20(depending on payment method)

Amazon Gift Card
iTunes Gift Card
Contact for alternatives

There’s a separate balance for each cryptocurrency and each have different limit.

Monero Wallet – Minimum payment at 0.1 XMR

Payments in Bitcoin.Minimum payment 0.0002 BTC.

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    • stefan
      stefan says:

      I’ve tried them the other day after someone left their link on Bitcointalk forum, but they don’t work well for me- estimating only ~$33 per month.

  1. Robert
    Robert says:

    I’ve tried and the service stopped working after 2-3 hours. I went to WinMiner but I find that my $/day is lower than the what the benchmark said. hopefully it will stabilize.


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