NiceHash Back Online!

After 15 days, NiceHash is back to business(or is it?). Anyway, if you didn’t figure it out yourself, is online. All passwords and 2FA verifications have been reset, and there’s a separate balance and “old-balance”.

More info to follow soon.

You have to generate a new mining wallet as well

Took me a few seconds to generate a new wallet, run NHML v1.8.1.5, update my wallet address and start mining. On first sight, everything looks like two weeks ago, functional and making sense. Right now it’s mining Equihash and CryptoNight algorithms, reporting $6.70/day for my equipment, which certainly isn’t bad considering they’re up since two hours ago.

And it turns out earnings are instantly the best in the business

Over the last 9 days or so I was mostly mining Electroneum(both because it was profitable and for long term), but since NiceHash went back, I wanted to compare it with the best NiceHash alternative– WinMiner. Surprisingly, even though ZenCash and ZCash are quite profitable right now, WinMiner estimates only around $5.30/day for my hardware.

Compared to $6.70/day by NiceHash, which came back less than 3 hours ago, it’s no wonder so many miners prayed for NiceHash comeback.

Note: Sorry for the difference between numbers above and screenshots, as well different desktops in screenshots. The Win 10 update crashed my rig while writing this post, so I had to reinstall it. The rig is same in both screenshots and earnings comparison is accurate.

However, some questions remain unresolved- when and will they bring the lost money back to miners, and is their updated security going to stop attacks in the future?

When will miners get their hard earned money?

When you’re inside NiceHash dashboard, and click on “Old balance”, there’s a note below balance saying: “The exact date of reimbursement for old balances will be announced by January 31, 2018.”

After 15 days of darkness when it comes to stolen funds- they spoke something about it. This means that there will be up to two months gap between the hack and the date of announcing the date of reimbursement!

But we could consider it as a step. Recovering and paying of $70 million is not something many companies can do quickly. After all, until yesterday no one could say if and when NiceHash will come back online, and up until today no one knew if they are even planning reimbursement or not.

NiceHash vs hackers from now on

One thing we all probably learned- don’t store large amounts of cryptocurrency inside online wallets. Otherwise, no matter how much careful you are, you may lose a lot of money! One thing to see in the following days is how many big players have left NiceHash(both miners and buyers). Judging by the first few hours- it’s all nice and shiny- but we still need to be reassured of NiceHash security and see all parts of the platform up and running again. Right now stats doesn’t seem to work, withdrawals are currently disabled and payments are supposed to get processed once a day.

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