Verge partnering with Pornhub and Brazzers- time to invest?

Hey there! I haven’t wrote in a while since the cryptocurrency market was dead, and talking over and over again how we should have patience and not panic didn’t make much sense.

And the market came back! Pretty much everything is green for days, and the global market cap has grown to ~400 million again. I’m mining non stop, and the only real difference is that I’m looking at the stats and earnings less often, taking payments around once a month and investing into various coins.

Today, I want to point out to you one big step for the crypto world, which could also be taken as an investment tip:

The Verge coin has partnered with PornHub and Brazzers

If you ever watched porn online, chances are you already know about PornHub and Brazzers. And even though I’m not a fan of either, their position in the online adult entertainment is rock solid. Well, on April 17, 2018, the Verge has partnered with both of them.

I’ve already talked about Verge earlier, so if you missed it back then, you should act now.

Considering the PornHub and Brazzers mainstream involvement, this is a strong indicator that both Verge and CryptoCurrencies are here to stay. And the effect is not really showing yet, at least not for the Verge itself:

The current price is around 0.07$, and it even dropped since the breaking news was announced(on April 17 it was around 0.09$). This itself opens a space for panic and doubt as you can read here:

but what was written above does not make much of a sense. The current Verge market cap is only around 1 billion, meaning a singe rich man can strongly influence it’s price, and all he needs is a billion dollars(or much less).

As always, be smart and do your own research, but acting now on Verge might yield you some serious gains in the not so far future.

Further readings for interested fellas:

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