Why Did I Just Invest In The STORM Token?

If you had the opportunity to read my articles on the top cryptocurrency to invest for 2018 and mining/investing cryptocurrencies with potential, you should understand that I’m a believer in value investing and, I am actively looking for cheap opportunities to make some nice profit.

What is the STORM Token?

The STORM Token is a token for the STORM Market- market which aims to create more earning opportunities for people around the world. Their moto is simple yet bullish- earn from anywhere, at any time, from any device.

However, they are not kids- they raised ~$33 million during ICO, and they already have a Google Play app with more than 1 million users! The app can be used by users to earn by playing games, watching videos and solving puzzles(machine learning, QA testing…).

Why did I invest into the STORM Token?

  • I’m not late

    Well, not exactly- I’ve missed the ICO. Still, the STORM token showed up on the markets just 6 days ago, and is currently available on HitBTC and Bancor Network exchanges only, with a current price of $0.029. Since the price is still under 3 cents, I can buy a decent amount of tokens and hopefully make some money in the long term.

  • Good idea

    Except Steem and Electroneum which both pay their users for certain work, there hasn’t been much projects like STORM Market. No wonder that many companies are using it for simpler tasks, cutting their expenses and speeding up their development.

  • Great team and even greater advisors

    Led by “The Business Prodigy” Simon Yu, their team is full of excellent people- blockchain and security specialists, people with wast experience as former Microsoft and Google employees and guys who had some great time at Silicon Valley.

    Should I mention some of their advisors?

    Bill Shihara
    CEO & Founder, Bittrex

    Anthony Di Iorio
    CEO & Founder at Jaxx & Decentral
    Founder at Ethereum

    Jeff Pulver
    Father of VOIP
    Vonage Founder & CEO

  • Technology

    The STORM Market is based on Ethereum technology, utilizing smart contracts to validate work and time committed, meaning payments are almost instant, with low fees and decentralized arbitrage of work completed and earnings made.

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